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Compare Miele Vacuums

Compare Miele vacuums

Compare Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele vacuum cleaners are unsurpassed in their ability to deep clean your entire home while filtering out the dust and allergens that cause so much irritation. German engineering is evident in the quality features and design of the Miele vacuum.  Whether you want an upright or a canister, the Miele vacuum cleaner is a wise choice. Because of their durability and longevity, the Miele is an excellent value for the homeowner who doesn't look at a vacuum cleaner as a disposable item.  Take some time, compare the features on the Miele vacuum and I'm sure you'll agree with us...Miele...anything else is a compromise.

Compare Miele Vacuum Cleaner Filtration

As you begin comparing Miele vacuum cleaners, filtration is a great place to start. Mieles are world renowned for their exceptional filtration. As you compare you will notice different models have different filters and each filter has a different function.

Super Air Clean Filter:

These Miele filters are made of multi-ply material that is electrostatically charged to retain dust particles. Filters are included in the box of bags. While they do not have the effectiveness of the Miele Active Air or HEPA filter, they are helpful in eliminating dust from the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner.

Active Air Clean Charcoal Filter:

The Active Air Clean Filter is a step up from the Super Air Clean Filter technology. It combines the Super Air Clean Filter with a charcoal cassette to absorb odors from the dustbag that is especially useful if you have pets. This filter retains 99.95% of particles down to 0.5 of a micron (slightly wider than a human hair) and has a life of 50 hours or 12 months of use.

HEPA Filter:

HEPA stands for "High-Efficiency Particulate Air." In consumer terms, this filter is the latest in the Miele vacuum cleaner filtration technology for the removal of invisible, lung-damaging particulate (including dust mite, feces, and pollen). The HEPA filter also uses the same Generally Activated Charcoal (GAC) that the Active Air Clean filter uses to absorb odors. The Miele HEPA filter conforms to the new stringent European standard for filtration (EN 1822) which means it actually traps 99.99% of all particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. With this filter, you are not only preventing particulate from re-entering the air, you are greatly improving the air quality of your home and preventing illness that comes from inhaling things you shouldn’t. The HEPA filter is a must for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Compare Miele Vacuum Cleaners by Series

Miele vacuums are recognized for their German engineering which means superiority in quality, cleaning and air filtration, but which Miele vacuum is right for you? Comparing Miele vacuums can seem confusing and that’s why we want to help our customers by providing on our website the most comprehensive comparisons possible. In this discussion below, we want to compare Miele vacuums by Series.

What do we mean by series?

Each Miele vacuum is part of a particular Series, for example, the S2 Series or the S4 Series. A Series represents a group of vacuums that have similarities in their overall design. Each vacuum in a Series may come with different options and accessories but each Series of Mieles has distinct features that make that Series unique from the others.

The differences

The basic differences between the three series of Miele canister vacuums, S2, S4 and S5, are size and features.

miele S2 vacuum
The Miele S2 Series:

is the entry level, less expensive, Miele canister. They have the same motor and similar features as the Miele S4’s and S5’s but are not manufactured identically and do not have the certified, sealed filtration system which is rated so highly in the industry. They also do not use the same type of disposable bag. The machine itself is larger than the S4’s and S5’s. If you want the power of a Miele in a more cost-effective package, the S2 may be for you. The Olympus comes with a combination floor rug tool, the Capri with a Turbo (air-driven) powerbrush and the Delphi and Titan come with an electric powerbrush. All 3 have just 3 simple controls, an on/off switch, a rotary dial to control suction and an automatic cord winder. The S2’s use a convenient vario clip to store the included tools right at the hose.

Miele S6 vacuum
The Miele S6 Series:

is a smaller canister. An electric powerhead is available on the Topaz. Because of their smaller size, the three included above-the-floor cleaning tools are mounted outside the canister on a vario clip conveniently connected to the hose. These vacuums use the FJM bags and do have the option of using any of Miele’s three different superior exhaust filters, Super Air Clean, Active Air Clean, and HEPA. The S6 Quartz includes a combo floor tool with the Super Air Clean Filter. The S6 Onyx includes a Parquet Floor Tool and the Turbo (Air-driven) powerhead, again with the Super Air Clean Filter. The S6 Topaz is the top of the S6 line.  it includes the Parquet Twister Floor Tool, a Super Air Clean Filter, an Electric powerhead and controls on the handle.

Miele s8 vacuum
The Miele S8 Series:

is the top of the line, full-size canister with Electric Powerhead capabilities. Electric powerheads are essential for cleaning carpeting. Each model comes with the HEPA filter as standard, except the Cat and Dog which comes with the Active Air Clean Filter, but you can use either the Super Air Clean or HEPA filter, instead, if you so choose. They are all the same size and all have the same motor and suction power. They all have the three included above-the-floor cleaning tools on-board, directly under the lid. With this extra insulation layer, these models are quieter. Each unit has the capability of changing the level of suction power. All have a foot control for suction control, except the UniQ, which has the control on the handle. The Alize, Marin, and UniQ have Miele's Intelligent Automatic Suction Setting. All models, exept the Alize, include the Parquet Twister Floor Brush.  The Alize has a Combo floor/carpet tool, the Calima has a Turbo powerhead, and all other models come with Electric Powerheads.

miele s7 upright
Miele S7 Upright Vacuum Cleaners

are quite different from the S2, S4 and S5 Series Miele Canisters. The S7 upright vacuum cleaners are designed for homes with large amounts of carpeting and very small areas of bare floors. The Miele S7 does allow you to move from carpet to bare floor easily, and it also comes with cleaning attachments, but we usually recommend a canister vacuum cleaner for homes with more than just a small amount of bare floors. Uprights continue to be the preferable machine for cleaning carpeting when you don’t need the use of powerful tools, and a canister with an electric powerhead continues to be the choice of people who want the best of both worlds, the powerful carpet cleaning capability of a powerhead with the powerful suction with tools.


Compare Miele Vacuum Cleaners by Flooring Type

One of the best ways to shop for a vacuum is by flooring type. We have made it easy for you to compare the Miele vacuum cleaners that are best suited for your flooring type. We briefly discuss your options but please take a look at Our Personal Shopper's Buying Guide which includes all the specs and information you need to find the right Miele vacuum cleaner for your flooring type.

Homes withMiele hard floor primarily hard-floors

More and more homeowners are opting for a home with hardfloors and very small areas of rugs or carpeting. In this case you will not need an electric powerbrush or a turbo powerbrush, a combo floor tool will do a great job for your cleaning application. This combo tool is designed to be used on very small area rugs and hardfloors. Over the years, while we have found most vacuum users have been happy with the combo tools, they are even happier when they purchase an additional barefloor tool. The most recommended and popular Miele floor brush is the SBB300-3.


Miele vacuum for area rugsHomes with carpeting or larger area rugs and some hard-floors

While all models are suited for both carpet and hardfloors, we generally recommend using a canister vacuum if you have equal amount of carpet to hardfloors, but some folks really prefer an upright vacuum cleaner and the Miele S7 series upright vacuum is an exceptional product with features and functions that allow you to use it on hardfloors. The electrobrush can be turned off, stopping the agitator bar, letting the suction power do all of the heavy lifting. An additional SBB-300 Miele Parquet Twister floor brush can be purchased and used in conjunction with the 12-foot flexible hose, and the lightweight, telescoping, stainless steel suction wand. While the above options will clean hardfloors effectively, we always recommend using a canister vacuum if you have more hardfloors than carpet.


Miele for carpetHomes with primarily carpeting or rugs and small areas of hard-floors

When your home has more carpeting than hardfloors, it is a good idea to use a canister vacuum. Canister vacuums have been specifically designed for use on both hardfloors and carpets. If your home has thick pile carpeting the Miele SEB228 or SEB236 powerhead is recommended.  While the SEB217 is a great cleaning powerhead, it can be a little difficult to push on thick pile carpetting.